Polished Concrete Floors – Commercial & Industrial Applications

Polished Concrete floors are the perfect solution in a commercial or industrial environment due to their anti-static, anti-marking & stain resistant attributes.

Not only do polished concrete floors create a pleasant and bright environment, but offer a long term solution to ‘dust’ and ‘dirt’ traps. Having a smooth, glossy finish offers one of the best ‘low vibration’ solutions for pallet trucks and automated stacking vehicles.  All this helps to prolong vehicle life and tyre maintenance costs. Concrete polishing large areas is usually a fast and effective way to create a floor finish.  With a minimum of disruption, we can have your polished concrete floor sealed in no time!  There is very little dust during the concrete polishing, in most cases it is perfectly acceptable for other trades to work around us.

A number of polished concrete floor finishes are available enabling you to choose the most cost effective and practical solution. Get in contact with our staff who can arrange a free consultation for your concrete polishing project.

Images of Commercial & Industrial Applications